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Rhys Allen



1. When attempting to update to the latest RAK version, the key seems to go through the correct motions, but does not update. Each time it boots it looks for updates, finds them, unpacks and installs, then pushes me to the boot splash - when I try to do a scan, it again looks for updates and goes through the same process. If I cancel it takes me back to the actual tool, so at least i can work, but am hoping the update will provide an answer to Q2 below. Is there a link to the actual update files and a pointer on where to unpack them on the key?


2. I need to obtain A3 (large) counter checks on Canon devices. Is this possible?


3. Really hoping there is a way I can search a list of hostnames rather than a list of IPs. Our devices operate on dynamic IPs, so it's a chore to determine all the IPs before each scan.


many thanks for any help you can give.




Hello Rhys:

We've had intermittent reports of problems with the last Rapid Assessment Key update but very few reproducible issues.

Since there's no way to determine what may have been done to a RAK key after they are initial shipped, it's can be tough to troubleshoot update issues.  By this, I'm referring to file modifications made by anti-virus or anti-intrusion software or additional files added by the end user.

We've been suggesting that the key be reformatted and the RAK software reinstalled.  However, you should contact your local Print Audit support agent directly about this procedure.  You can also check out our Knowledge base portal on our website. 

I believe that Large paper counts were added to the RAK for Canon's.

We are looking at implementing scanning via hostnames as an option for a future release of the RAK software.  We will add your name to the list the of customers who have requested this feature.

Print Audit Support

Danny Brewer

Just to let you know, we have also had an issue after the latest update.  The key had been working fine, though very infrequently.  I plugged it in to my PC today and it said there was an update.

I allowed it to update.  After the update, when I click on the Perform a Scan option, it asks for our key.  I have no idea what our key was, as the guy that bought the key left, and I can't see anything on our server to do with it.

I'm waiting for a call back from the UK office.
Print Audit Support

Hello Danny,

Our UK office will be able to assist you with this problem.  Please ensure you have the drive and a workstation available when they call in as very likely they will start by getting you to retrieve the Key's unique identifier to start their search.
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