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how can we scan the machines that are in sleep/deep sleep mode when the scan happens.

Maybe change the SNMP discovery or SNMP request or SNMP retries?

Or is the only option to change the energy settings on the devices?

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I would suggest that for the bulk of devices this isn't a concern, I see devices on a regular basis that show a machine alert of 'sleeping' from the machine alerts table, which indicates we've successfully scanned it in sleep mode.  We have some cases where devices scan in sleep mode, but may report spurious data, like all zeros or all 100's for toner...

If it's a case of needing to give a device more time to wake and respond, I would suggest, as long as the device wakes on ping, to extend ping retries and intervals first, if the machine will wake on ping, just extending the ping times should be sufficient delay. Otherwise you could try extending the SNMP timeouts.  Really it's a matter of knowing what modes will prevent SNMP scanning, and what will bring the device out of these modes, will pinging? will an SNMP connection attempt? That information would need to come from the manufacturer of the device.

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