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Jomo Prince
We have 11 copy audit boxes connected through one server, some of the boxes may lose connection throughout the day, any reason a to why this may happen?
Print Audit Support
Can you please provide more information as follows:

- What version of Print Audit are you running? If it's Print Audit 5, the most recent version is 5.0.19. If you have an older version, please upgrade. To check what version of Print Audit you have, open the Print Audit 5 Administrator and go to Help and then About. The product version is in the second line.

- Is it the same Copy Audit devices that drop the connection?

Please contact Technical Support toll free at 1-877-412-8348 to discuss this issue further.
Todd Williams

I am seeing the same issue.  I am running Print Audit 6.1.3R.  We have about 6 Copy Audit boxes that just drop off for no reason.  I dont' have any connectivity issues with anything else.  It can be any of our 6 devices that drop off.  Totally random.

Print Audit Support


This is a known issue with Print Audit 6 in the following scenarios.

1) The computer that is hosting the Copy Audit software is rebooted
2) The Copy Audit Communicator is restarted

There are two temporary workarounds for now.

1) Close the Print Audit 6 Administrator -> Go into Windows Services -> Manually start the Copy Audit Communicator
2)Manually re-add the devices into the Administrator

Steven Bahl

When is this expected to be fixed?

Print Audit Support

Hello Steven,

This issue has been resolved in Print Audit 6.1.4.

If you are experiencing similar symptoms, please feel free to contact us through this message board, by emailing or 877-412-8348.

Steven Bahl

I'm still getting this issue even after installing PA 6.2.0. It seems to occur whenever the server is rebooted. Using Copy Audit Numeric.

Print Audit Support

Hello Steven,

Its possible that the Copy Audit Communicator service is not starting after a reboot. Do all devices go offline, or only a couple? How do you know they are offline?

Steven Bahl

Only one device has the Copy Audit terminal (Konica Minolta Bizhub 200). Users are getting a "Cannot Connect" message on the terminal. Last time this occurred, the server had been rebooted after a power outage and the communicator service had indeed not started automatically. At that point I installed 6.2.0 over their current version (6.x), effectively upgrading their install. Print Audit does not seem to be affected.

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