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We recently moved PA6 to a new server. Prior to the move we upgraded to the latest version.
This install is using Access for the database. We used the migration guide from this website.

Here's the problem, the new server is still somehow seeing the old server and it's causing licensing issues.
Even though Print Audit has been removed from the old server and the server is powered down, we still see it's name in the License Usage screen. We've tried restarting the Client Communicator service and rebooted the server several times.

The first thing we noticed is when we login into PA on the copier and then press the Copy button, the feature is still locked. Then we noticed some users not getting the pop-up when they print.

The client has been down all week. Does anyone have a suggestion as to a possible cause?


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Hello Steve,

The essential problem is the following instruction under Step 2 in the migration guide was not followed:
  1. On both the old and the new servers, stop the Database Communicators by going to Windows services or by right clicking the icon in the system tray.
When the Database Communicator is gracefully shutdown, it will release the licenses it has allocated.  If the database is moved without shutting down the Communicator those licenses will not be released and end up orphaned.

One fix is to simply reconnect the Database Communicator in question, then shut it down, that will trigger the release of those licenses.

Alternatively the problem can be fixed in the database, but that process involves stopping the communicator, compacting the database, getting the database to us to have the required edits made, then restoring the fixed database. During this time the Database Communicator would need to be stopped and left in a stopped state.

If you want to go through the database editing route, I would suggest sending an email to, we'll expand on the process involved a little bit more, and in any case, this forum is not a convenient method for passing a database back and forth. 

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