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Is there a Limit of ips to discovery in my ICE configuration?

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There is a limit, not on the number of IP addresses though, but rather on the size of config file.  So the limit is on the number of scan ranges that can defined, once the resulting config file size would exceed the threshold for acceptable config file size, no more ranges can be added.

Note, this limit does not apply to a configuration file which is maintained on site by setting Use Local Configuration in ICE Administrator, there you should be able to add as many scan ranges as required, but you lose the ability to control the configuration from within IDM.

Further, ICE only uses subnet masks for computing broadcast and network addresses in custom scan ranges.  So if you have two subnets: 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x these can be concatenated into a single range by stipulating:
start address
end address

This will scan both of the subnets, but only requires one line in the ICE configuration file.

So you likely can do a little condensing of your scan ranges with that work-around, in the absolute worst case though, you may want to consider using two instances of ICE in the environment, or running ICE with a local configuration file.
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