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Is there a way to export reports to .xls or .csv files? 

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Hello Samantha,

Reports created in Analysis Reporting or Simple Analysis may be exported to csv, or rather the data on which the report is based may be exported.

Reports created in Job Manager cannot be exported to csv, only html or pdf.

However, you can export job data from Job Manager in csv format using export results under the tools menu:

1) Open Job Manager
2) Find the Jobs you want to export data for
3) Select "Export Results" under the Tools menu
4) Select <Default> from the drop down menu for Configuration
5) Click the Configurations button
6) Specify an output file, and what to to do if the file already exists.
7) Check the box labeled "Output column name row"
8) Select the Columns Tab
9) Remove any unwanted fields from the export
10) Reorder the remaining fields to the desired order.
11) If you wish to sort on a field, select the sort order for the Action for that field.
12) Click Save As
13) Supply a name for the report, click OK
14) Ensure your newly created configuration is selected in the drop down menu for configuration
15) Click the export button.

In the future, you would omit steps 4-13 to re-run the export.

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