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I am a support engineer for Toshiba. I have a dealer who sold an e2500c to a law firm and the customer is interested in copy audit.

The compatiablity list on FYI is from 2005. I did not see any of our color systems on this list. Is there an updated list.

Does Copy Audit support the Toshiba e2500c, 3500c and 3510c product line? What about the e4500c/5500c? Please advise.

Does the Copy Audit/Print Audit track color prints and copies?
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The eStudio 2500C, 3500, and 3510C are compatible and will need the Toshiba supplied 6LE27469000 kit key counter.

The eStudio 4500 is compatible and requires A5095100.

I am still waiting to hear about the eStudio 5500C.
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Hello Marta,

I will contact our hardware manufacturer to see if these devices are compatible with Copy Audit.
I will post more information once I have it available.

Print Audit does track color versus black and white printing. Print Audit gathers this information from the print drivers.

To track color versus black and white copying, you must create a Client Custom Field. The user will have to select whether it is a color or black and white copy.

Below are other web posts that may be useful.

This post explains how to create a Client Custom Field:

This link explains how to have the Color/Black and White Client Custom field only being used for Copy Audit:

If you have any further questions, please contact Technical Support toll free at 1-877-412-8348

Both the 4500 and 5500 are compatible and use the same interface cable.

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Thank you Todd!

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