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good evening
I would like information on alert consolidation.

1) reference to the attached file:
FIG1 consolidation allert = you explain the operation, so as to understand how to enter the data relating to the days and percentage?
2) reference to the attached file:
FIG2 = what is the purpose of this setting?
3) My goal is to reorder the toner for my customers.
I understood, as you explained to me, that the best method is the consolidation allert.
But I have some questions about it:

a) I understand that with this alert the alert starts when the pre-established number of days is reached or the percentage; it's correct?
b) I understand that there are some toners that signal the "low" level. When the toner communicates low the day's alert is no longer able to indicate the remaining days (indicates the last known data). in this case the percentage allert works?
c) My need is to have an alert based on the days so I know exactly how many days I have to evade the toner to customers.
unfortunately with the consolidation alert if the toner indicates low level and part of the reporting for the percentage I can not know for sure the days.
Do you have any suggestions?

I tried to use the alert of the percentage but unfortunately I can not evade the toner to customers in the correct time. this because I do not know the precise days.

I tried to use the alert of the remaining days but unfortunately some toner when reporting low status I can not know the right days

now on your advice I am evaluating the consolidation allert. But I have some questions I've asked you.
You can help me find the best solution.
My goal is to have an allert that allows me to know exactly, always (for all Ricoh multifunction models) the remaining days. In this way I can evacuate the toner to customers to guarantee a service.

thank you

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Hello Simone,

This page gives more detail about each specific alert condition as well as indicating what the fields represent.

This page covers alerting in general, the Advanced Settings are at the bottom of the page.

3) No, there is no 'best' alert. Toner consolidation is the only alert that allows two conditions to be stipulated, days remaining and level, and it also includes the capability to include notifications for devices that haven't gone below the trigger percentage, but have gone below the 'include' percentage, allowing you to ship that cartridge as part of the same order and save shipping costs as a result.  The capabilities of this trigger are high, but the trade-off is that for these to really work effectively the devices being covered by this trigger need to report in 1% increments from 100, all the way to 0.

That is likely not the case with your Ricoh devices.  Typically these report in 10% increments from 100 down to 20, then switch to reporting low.  The days remaining calculation is very trivial, when the toner level reported by the device on the current scan is lower than the previous scan, then we compute the days remaining, basically by looking at the percentage, the most recent toner change, determining the rate at which toner is being used, and predicting from that rate when the cartridge will run out.

When a device reports in 1% increments, this calculation could be done up to 80 times (assuming a low percentage of 20) with a Ricoh, only 8 times, the last being when it switches from 30 to 20, the calculation won't be completed again, so unless the device goes below the days remaining target by the time it hits 20%, it will not raise the alert until it runs empty. For a device like this, you may as well simply alert when the device reports 20 or lower and be done with it.

So for Ricoh devices I would suggest not trying to use days remaining functionality at all, because the Ricoh doesn't report toner with sufficient granularity to have confidence in the results of the calculation. Rather a simple toner level alert with a trigger value high enough to ensure you can fulfill the alert before the cartridge runs completely dry.  Starting with the default value would be a good start, the tune the trigger value based on the real world performance.

Thank you,
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