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Paul Grogan

Hi there,

Is it possible to take a backup of scans from one rak key and place them on another new rak key?

Many thanks


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Hello Paul:

You can back up your scan from a RAK key by making a copy of the "scans.dat" file from the RAK key.  However, this file is still tied to the original key. 

You can transfer scans between RAK keys by exporting them from one key and importing the scan into another.

How To Transfer Scans (Data) Between Rapid Assessment Keys.

To Export a Scan from a RAK key:

1.  Launch the Rapid Assessment Key.
2.  Select the Site that contains the scan you wish to export and click "Start”.
3.  From the “Previous scans” field, select the date of the scan.
4.  Go to File --> Export Scan.
5.  On the Export Scan dialog box, select “RAK v2 XML Format” from the export format dropdown list.  You can optionally use “RAK v1 Result File) if you want to save it in a CSV (comma-delimited) format.
6.  Leave “Compare scan” as <None Selected>.
7.  Click OK.
8.  On the “Export a Scan” dialog box, browse to the location that you want to save the scan file.
9.  In the “File name” field, type in the name you’d like to call the file.
10. Click on “Save”.

To Import a Scan into the RAK key:

1.  Launch the Rapid Assessment Key.
2.  Select the site that you wish to import the Scan into.  If the Site doesn’t exist, create a new site.
3.  Go to File  --> Import Scan.
4.  If your file was saved as an XML file (Step 5), change Files of Type to RAK v2 XML” otherwise use “RAK v1 Result File”.
5.  Browse to the location the file was saved in and select the file.
6.  Click “Open”.

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